International logistics manages international supply chain operations and ensures a smooth material flow in global trade. This process involves international transportation, customs operations, document management, and cultural factors. A well-designed international logistics strategy offers conveniences such as reliable transportation services, facilitation of customs procedures, and a competitive advantage in international markets. Global supply chain networks, technological innovations, and logistics solutions help optimize international logistics processes.

Below are the services we can provide within the scope of INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS:

1.  International Transportation and Logistics Planning

• Creating international transportation plans and developing logistics strategies.

• Selecting appropriate transportation modes (road, air, sea) and routes.

2.  Customs Procedures and Border Crossings

• Managing and arranging customs procedures for international shipments.

• Ensuring compliance with customs and border crossing regulations of different countries.

3.  Export and Import Documentation

• Preparing and managing the necessary documents for export and import processes.

• Preparing relevant shipping documents (invoices, waybills, bills of lading, insurance certificates, etc.).

4.  International Supply Chain Management

• Facilitating collaboration and coordination within the international supply chain.

• Tracking and monitoring products and materials throughout the supply chain.

5.  Transportation Tracking and Monitoring

• Tracking the transportation process from the beginning of shipment until delivery and providing regular updates to customers.

• Monitoring shipment locations using GPS and other tracking systems.

6.  International Trade and Regulations

• Ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements when trading with different countries.

• Keeping track of and updating international trade policies.

7.  Total Logistics Cost and Budget Management

• Conducting cost analyses for international logistics processes and managing budgets.

• Implementing process improvements to increase cost efficiency.

8.  Customs, Tax, and Fee Management

• Ensuring accurate calculation and management of customs, taxes, and fees.

• Providing consultation to customers regarding customs, taxes, and fees.

9.  International Freight Insurance

• Arranging and managing appropriate freight insurance for international shipments.

• Providing insurance policies covering potential damages and losses during transportation.

10. Risk Management and Emergency Planning

• Assessing and managing risks associated with international logistics processes.

• Taking precautionary measures and creating emergency plans.

These services represent the fundamental offerings that our company provides to its customers in the field of international logistics. For more information, please feel free to contact METKON AS.