METKON Logistics services are briefly listed below:

Supply logistics involves the movement of materials and resources from the supply point to the production process within a company’s supply chain. Supply logistics focuses on ensuring the timely, accurate, and cost-effective procurement of materials. This process includes activities such as supplier management, inventory management, transportation planning, and material handling. A well-planned supply logistics strategy optimizes material flow, improves supply processes, and enhances customer satisfaction.

The services we provide within the scope of supply logistics are summarized as follows:

1.  Supply Chain Planning

• Creating a supply chain plan that aligns with customer needs and providing consultancy services in this regard.

• Developing the most suitable strategies for supplier selection, supplier relationship management, and supply chain optimization.

2.  Supplier Management

• Communicating with suppliers, managing contracts, and conducting performance evaluations.

• Monitoring supplier performance and strengthening collaboration through regular assessments.

3.  Goods Receipt and Storage

• Receiving incoming products, placing them in storage areas, and recording the details.

• Optimizing storage processes to increase inventory management and storage efficiency.

4.  Quality Control and Inspection

• Checking the quality of incoming products, identifying damaged or defective items, and managing this process

• Continuously reviewing and analyzing process data for compliance with the company’s quality standards and making improvements

5.  Supply Logistics and Transportation Planning

• Planning and managing the transportation processes of products from suppliers.

• Selecting the most suitable transportation modes (road, air, sea) and routes.

6.  Supply Chain Automation and Monitoring

• Automating supply chain operations and implementing tracking systems.

• Utilizing logistics software and technologies to monitor and report on all processes.

7.  Inventory Management and Demand Forecasting

• Monitoring warehouse stocks, forecasting demand, and determining and maintaining optimum inventory levels.

• Ensuring proper stock levels and developing inventory management strategies.

8.  Material Handling and Shipment

• Ensuring the accurate and timely transportation of materials from the supply chain.

• Establishing appropriate transportation methods and organizing transportation for material shipment.

9.  Customs Clearance Procedures

• Managing customs procedures in international supply chains and preparing the necessary documents.

• Organizing logistics operations at border crossings and resolving related issues.

10. Supplier Collaboration and Improvement

• Encouraging continuous collaboration and communication with suppliers.

• Monitoring supplier performance to achieve ongoing improvements and increased efficiency.

These services cover the basic activities we can offer in the management of incoming materials and products within the supply logistics or supply chain.