Distribution logistics involves the process of transporting a company’s products from the production point to the customers. This process includes activities such as order management, packaging, transportation, and delivery. A sound outbound logistics strategy aims to deliver the right products to the right customers at the right time while optimizing costs. Fast and reliable delivery processes enhance customer satisfaction and provide a competitive advantage.

Within the scope of OUTBOUND LOGISTICS, we offer the following services:

1.  Order Processing and Picking

• Receiving and recording customer orders.

• Picking and preparing products from the warehouse according to customer demands.

2.  Packaging and Labeling

• Packaging products according to customer orders and providing protective packaging.

• Ensuring accurate labeling and adding transportation information on the packages.

3.  Inventory Management

• Regularly updating and tracking product inventory in the warehouse.

• Optimizing stock levels and managing inventory according to demand.

4.  Transportation and Shipment Planning

• Grouping orders based on the regions and customer locations for shipment planning.

• Selecting the most suitable transportation mode (road, air, sea) and managing transportation processes. • Preparing and managing the required documentation for transportation.

5.  Supplier and Logistics Service Provider Management

• Collaborating with transportation and distribution service providers and setting up contracts.

• Communicating with logistics and supply chain partners and monitoring their performance.

6.  Customs Procedures and Border Crossings

• Managing customs procedures for international shipments and ensuring smooth customs declarations.

• Coordinating logistics operations at border crossings and resolving customs-related issues.

7.  Transportation Tracking and Monitoring

• Tracking the transportation process from the beginning of shipment until delivery and providing regular updates to customers.

• Monitoring and reporting transportation processes using logistics software and systems.

8.  Final Delivery and Customer Services

• Ensuring timely and secure delivery of products to customers.

• Obtaining customer feedback, monitoring satisfaction, and resolving customer issues.

9.  Returns and Returns Management

• Handling customer returns, implementing return policies, and processing returned products to the warehouse.

• Monitoring the returns process and providing solutions for customer satisfaction.

By professionally and effectively managing our customers’ outbound logistics activities, we enhance customer satisfaction and achieve operational efficiency.